Thursday, 3 July 2014

Research Questions

The 8 research topic we chose are:

1) Backspin of a ping pong

2) Topspin of a ping pong

3) Best Shooting position of the basketball when shooting

4) Investigate on how the position of the racket effects incoming ball

5) Building a telescope

6) Potato battery

7) How to make a motor and how does a motor work

8) How does a parachute works

We then choose 1 of 8 topics that we think is the best and came up with variables and a hypothesis for the experiment. So here is the table that we made.

Independent variable
Dependent variable
Controlled variable
Ho Jia wei
Investigate of  angles that can accurately rebound a table tennis ball
- Angle of the racket
- Position of the racquet
- Whether the ball can go over the net
- Position of ball machine
- Height of racquet
There is a 3D angle at every position that can accurately rebound an incoming table tennis ball.
What is the best size for a parachute to work effectively with a weight of 5kg
Size of parachute
- If the parachute works effectively
- Material
- Weight used
- Wind conditions
- Height
- Shape of parachute
- The bigger the parachute the better it works.
Darie Chan
Investigate the best Shooting position of your hands for the basket basketball when shooting
Shooting position of your hand
- Did the ball go in the hoop
Distance from the hoop
The highest shooting position of the basketball would have better results
Kenneth Kiang
Investigate on how the tilting of the racquet affects the backspin motion of a ping pong ball
- Tilting of the racquet
- Parabola of the trajectory of the ping pong ball
- Racquet used
- Velocity of ping pong ball
- Type of ping pong ball
- Spin of ping pong ball
The more a flat racquet is tilted, the lesser hang time the ping pong ball will have.

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